INTENGENT, Inc. is an Ottawa, ON, Canada based consultancy and fabless photonic integrated circuit (PIC) service provider. We specialize in the optical components for tele- / datacom markets and beyond.

Valery Tolstikhin - Headshot
Dr. Valery Tolstikhin, President & CEO

Founded by Dr. Valery Tolstikhin (also the founder of OneChip Photonics and co-founder of ArtIC Photonics), INTENGENT was set up to leverage his vast experiences acquired through decades of the cutting-edge research and product development in the area of III-V photonics.

OUR MISSION About Us 1is to serve the broad optical component community, from established industry players to innovative startups to technology investors, by providing an advice on and an access to the state-of-the-art III-V semiconductor photonics technology.

OUR FOCUS is on the InP PIC products for developed (optical communications, data center interconnects) and emerging (microwave photonics, quantum cryptography) optical component markets.

OUR STRATEGY is to bridge the gap between the PIC users and manufacturers, by providing the fabless access to PIC technology to the former while taking the product development off the shoulders of the latter.

OUR STRENGTH is in deep understanding of the food chain, good knowledge of the markets, and unique design to manufacture experiences in the area of InP PICs.

OUR OBJECTIVE is to make INTENGENT a one-stop shop for all your III-V photonics needs, from technology assessment to production, leaving to us heavy lifting on a way from application idea to fabless manufacturing.