INTENGENT specializes in III-V semiconductor photonics, above all that based on indium phosphide (InP) and gallium arsenide (GaAs) material systems – the core component technology for optical communication links of all kinds and sorts, as long as they use silica fibers.


Our consultancy and custom design professional services in the area of III-V photonics cover the key aspects of this technology, from epitaxial growth, to wafer fabrication, to chip level characterization – and everything in between.



INTENGENT focuses on customized transmitter, receiver and transceiver products for optical fiber communications – the base components for generation and detection of optical signals, each of which having III-V photonic chip inside.


We will evaluate your idea for a new product, identify the most appropriate technology, engage the state-of-the-art foundries, provide the design solution to underlying photonic chip and take on its fabless development, no matter how uncommon or/and specific this idea is.


INTENGENT contemplates broad area of applications in tele- and datacom, from long-haul and metropolitan area network line-side, to access and local area network client-side, to optical interconnects in data centers and warehouse scale / high-performance computers.


INTENGENT will advise you on III-V photonics technology suitability / availability for an intended application, provide a feasibility study for related photonic chip products and evaluate their competitive landscape.