INTENGENT provides technology and product assessment for the optical component markets. Based on a fabless model, we also will develop and productize custom InP PICs for your optical component needs.


As a consultancy firm, INTENGENT will:

  • Advise you on III-V photonics technologies, products, and markets;
  • Offer fabless solutions to your optical component problems;
  • Perform feasibility study of your new product ideas;
  • Help to transition your ideas into products.

As a technology provider, INTENGENT will:

Fab 3
  • Design and outsource custom III-V epitaxial structures for your III-V photonics products, including:
    • Surface- and edge-coupled photodetectors in 850 nm - 1600 nm wavelength range (on GaAs or InP substrate);
    • Quantum-well lasers, amplifiers and modulators in 1250 nm - 1600 nm (on InP substrate) and 850 nm - 1100 nm (on GaAs substrate) wavelength ranges;
    • Waveguide-coupled and spot-size converted lasers, amplifiers, modulators, and detectors in 1250 nm - 1600 nm wavelength range (on InP substrate).
  • Develop and productize, based on a fabless model, your custom InP PICs for:
    • Transmitter, receiver, and transceiver applications in tele- / datacom markets;
    • Laser source, gain block, and photonic switching devices in silicon photonics products;
    • Signal generation, processing, and conditioning in microwave photonics and DQK systems.

Whatever your III-V photonics technology, product or application needs are, it is quite probable that we can help.