As a consultancy firm, INTENGENT

  • Advises companies and research institutions on photonics technologies, applications and markets;
  • Provides assessment of business opportunities and proposals for development in the area of photonics for investors and funding agencies (due diligence);
  • Evaluates customer’s product and application ideas and performs feasibility study of the photonic chip design and manufacturing solutions;
  • Develops customized product roadmaps, based on the actual market needs and technology accessibility;
  • Helps for- and not-for-profit organizations with outsourcing their III-V photonics manufacturing to commercial foundries.

As a design house, INTENGENT

Fab 3
  • Provides design, outsourcing and qualification of customized epitaxial structures from III-V semiconductors on InP and GaAs substrates, including those for:
    • High speed / high responsivity vertical and waveguide photodetectors in 850 nm – 1600 nm wavelength range (on InP substrate);
    • Quantum-well lasers, amplifiers and electroabsorption modulators in 1250 nm – 1650 nm (on InP substrate) and 850 nm – 1100 nm (on GaAs substrate) wavelength ranges;
    • PICs with functional (e.g. single-mode laser and modulator) and / or parallel (e.g. multiple single-mode lasers or modulators or externally modulated single-mode lasers) integration onto one InP or GaAs substrate.
  • Offers full-custom design into manufacturing, with outsourcing to commercial foundries, of specialized III-V semiconductor photonic chip products, including:
    • High speed / high responsivity, easy to couple, low cost surface (vertical) and edge (waveguide) illuminated photodetecors and arrays of such;
    • High speed / high performance, low cost electro-absorption modulators (EAMs) and arrays of such;
    • High performance, low cost single-frequency distributed feedback (DFB) lasers and arrays of such;

Whatever your photonic technology, product or business development needs might be, check with INTENGENT and it is quite probable that we can help.